By: James Hand

10 Things That Are Uncomfortable Talking About When You're Selling Your Home

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                      Your home is for sale and for some reason it has been for awhile. You ask your realtor, why isn't it selling? Why aren't we getting any offers? What do we need to do? The response is unfortunately often "The price is too high and we need to discuss lowering it" or worse you simply get a shoulde...Read More

By: James Hand

Simple Ways to Stage Your Home

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With much thanks to shows on networks such as HGTV staging your home to sell is now almost as essential as making the beds before a viewing. A few decades ago, buyers were used to seeing dated homes, empty interiors or owners’ personal belongings. Now, the tides have shifted in favor of creating model-like interiors that are suitable for all tastes. In some markets, staging is b...Read More

By: James Hand

Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

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               $68,000.00 kitchen renovation in a Burlington For most home sellers, the goal is to sell their home for the highest possible price and in the shortest amount of time. That of course is quite possibly the largest no brainer comment in real estate blog history. However, the question that typically follows is "how?". Two ways...Read More

By: James Hand

Are You Selling Your House Privately? It Can Be Easy If You Do It Right

Tags: sell your house privately, how to sell your house privately in Ontario, fsbo Ontario, steps to selling a house privately

    If you want to sell your house privately or as many industry professionals say FSBO (for sale by owner) you’re probably wondering what to do. Even if you’ve decided to use one of the Sell it Yourself brokerages such as Purplebricks, you may be looking to get some advice on how to exponentially increase your chances of selling. Now full disclosure, I, as you know, am...Read More

By: James Hand

How to Sell Your Home Quickly and For More Money

Tags: How to get a house ready to sell quickly, How to sell your home for more money

                                       Everyone who has decided to sell wants two things, to know how to get a house ready to sell quickly and have it sell for as much as possible. Of course, this should also be the ultimate goal of your realtor, if you’ve decided to go that route. Knowing...Read More

By: James Hand

Curb Appeal Ideas For Selling Your Home

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                                So you’re in need of some curb appeal ideas. You’ve decided that it’s in the cards to make a move and “oh no” you’ve already found the house you’d like to call home next. But you need to get your home sold…..and fast if that next home i...Read More