By: James Hand

Finding The Best Waterfalls in Hamilton

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    Finding the best waterfalls in Hamilton is not difficult since there are more than 100 to choose from. Here we'll go through some of the most well known and popular in the area. Albion Falls Albion Falls is a 62 foot large cascade waterfall flowing over the Niagara Escarpment and into Red Hill Creek, in Hamilton. A cascade waterfall is one thats flow is stagge...Read More

By: James Hand

Moving To and Living In Hamilton, It's Amazing

Tags: living in hamilton vs toronto, buying a home in hamilton, Hamilton Ontario blogs, moving to hamilton from toronto

    Why has there been such a huge migration of extremely devoted Torontonians making the move from the city they love and living in Hamilton?  For anyone who is not in the know about Hamilton, it unfortunately tends to make a terrible initial impression. As you travel along the QEW it screams “avoid this apocalyptic land like the plague I’ve been told it has&rd...Read More

By: James Hand

Are You Selling Your House Privately? It Can Be Easy If You Do It Right

Tags: sell your house privately, how to sell your house privately in Ontario, fsbo Ontario, steps to selling a house privately

    If you want to sell your house privately or as many industry professionals say FSBO (for sale by owner) you’re probably wondering what to do. Even if you’ve decided to use one of the Sell it Yourself brokerages such as Purplebricks, you may be looking to get some advice on how to exponentially increase your chances of selling. Now full disclosure, I, as you know, am...Read More

By: James Hand

How to Sell Your Home Quickly and For More Money

Tags: How to get a house ready to sell quickly, How to sell your home for more money

                                       Everyone who has decided to sell wants two things, to know how to get a house ready to sell quickly and have it sell for as much as possible. Of course, this should also be the ultimate goal of your realtor, if you’ve decided to go that route. Knowing...Read More

By: James Hand

Curb Appeal Ideas For Selling Your Home

Tags: curb appeal ideas

                                So you’re in need of some curb appeal ideas. You’ve decided that it’s in the cards to make a move and “oh no” you’ve already found the house you’d like to call home next. But you need to get your home sold…..and fast if that next home i...Read More

By: James Hand

Moving to Hamilton the Pros and Cons

Tags: MOVING TO HAMILTON, living in Hamilton, why you should move to hamilton, so you re thinking of moving to hamilton, about hamilton ontario, 

                 Are you moving to Hamilton? Well, welcome. Hamilton is one of the most under appreciated cities in the GTA and Golden Horseshoe. Unfortunately, Steeltown or the Hammer as some call it has been stigmatized by the initial view of factories belching out smoke as you crest the Burlington Skyway bridge. For many that is why they have dis...Read More

By: James Hand

Mortgage Pre-Approval Process


    Do you know what the mortgage pre-approval process is?  The easy explanation is that it's pretty well exactly what it sounds like. The more important question is do you know what to do and why it's so important that you go through the mortgage pre-approval process before you start your in-depth home search?  Lets start with what to do and what will ha...Read More

By: James Hand

Using a Realtor to Buy a House


     Are there actually any benefits to using a realtor to buy a house? Well if you do decide to use a realtor you have a choice to make, way before we can get into any benefits or disadvantages. The two basic options most home buyers can choose from, are either using what is known as a Buyers Agent or using the Listing Representative (the name on the For Sale s...Read More

By: James Hand

The Mortgage Stress Test


  The new mortgage stress test that was implemented in the beginning of 2018 has definitely thrown a wrench into the works. Or has it? What effects is the OFSI Mortgage Stress Test really having? I’ll do my best here to get the mortgage stress test explained for you.   So lets first answer why it was implemented. Canada and Ontario has an issue and it was getting bigger. Househo...Read More

By: James Hand

The Best Hamilton Restaurants

Tags: best hamilton restaurants

The new meets the old when it comes to the best Hamilton restaurants in a city that is becoming an emerging culinary powehouse.  The classic favourites have blended with the new renaissance of culinary flair. Regardless of where you choose to dine the tatsebuds are in for a treat whether you're going to a neighbourhood staple or the newest kid on the block.  ...Read More