By: James Hand

2021 Canadian Housing Market : What Do We Expect

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My crystal ball says........well it says the same thing everyone's crystal ball says, why are you predicting things based on me? Even in the best case scenerio it's just an educated guess. We humans are obsessed with knowing the future and there are a million experts who will line up to tell you the future....yup, but here I am, adding my two cents in as well. But, despite a...Read More

By: James Hand

COVID-19: Is It About To Cause A Housing Crash?

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    We're all obviously well aware of the COVID-19 coronavirus and how it's impacting so many peoples health, the worlds economy and adding so much uncertainty to our everyday lives. It's an outbreak being felt across the world and in so many ways. I hope everyone is taking the proper precautions and that everyone stays healthy and safe during this time and if there is anyt...Read More

By: James Hand

2020 Housing Market: What to Expect

Tags: Ontario housing market

  The good news is that 2020 is looking up for Ontario's housing market with a combination of renewed competitive mortgage rates, increased buyer demand, first-time buyer incentives and rising population and employment rates. In the last days of 2019, many observers of Canada’s real estate marketplace were more than a little relieved. The year had started on a sour note ...Read More