By: James Hand

2021 Canadian Housing Market : What Do We Expect

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My crystal ball says........well it says the same thing everyone's crystal ball says, why are you predicting things based on me? Even in the best case scenerio it's just an educated guess. We humans are obsessed with knowing the future and there are a million experts who will line up to tell you the future....yup, but here I am, adding my two cents in as well. But, despite a...Read More

By: James Hand

10 Things That Are Uncomfortable Talking About When You're Selling Your Home

Tags: staging tips, how to stage a home, why is my house not selling, selling my house for top dollar, home staging, selling my house, Hamilton homes, Burlington homes, Grimsby homes, free staging advice

        Your home is for sale and for some reason it has been for awhile. You ask your realtor, why isn't it selling? Why aren't we getting any offers? What do we need to do? The response is unfortunately often "The price is too high and we need to discuss lowering it" or worse you simply get a shoulder shrug, saying "I have no idea what to do".&n...Read More

By: James Hand

Simple Ways to Stage Your Home

Tags: Hamilton real estate, what's my home worth, Burlington homes for sale, how to stage my home, staging a home to sell faster and for more money

With much thanks to shows on networks such as HGTV staging your home to sell is now almost as essential as making the beds before a viewing. A few decades ago, buyers were used to seeing dated homes, empty interiors or owners’ personal belongings. Now, the tides have shifted in favor of creating model-like interiors that are suitable for all tastes. In some markets, staging is b...Read More

By: James Hand

Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Tags: selling for more money, selling your home quickly and for more money, best return on investment renovations

               $68,000.00 kitchen renovation in a Burlington For most home sellers, the goal is to sell their home for the highest possible price and in the shortest amount of time. That of course is quite possibly the largest no brainer comment in real estate blog history. However, the question that typically follows is "how?". Two ways...Read More

By: James Hand

Fixed vs. Variable Rate Mortgages

Tags: Canadian mortgage rates, are fixed or variable rate mortgages better, should I choose a fixed or variable rate mortgage, fixed vs variable rates

  A decision a lot of homebuyers and homeowners struggle with is whether to go with a fixed or variable rate mortgage. Both have their differences and similarities. In this post I’ll go over some of the differences between the two mortgage types and how our calculators on this site can help make your decision easier.   Fixed Mortgage Rates If you’re looking for predi...Read More

By: James Hand

Should You Purchase a Cottage or Vacation Property?

Tags: buying a vacation home, buying a cottage in Ontario, buying a second property in Canada

      The benefits of owning a vacation property are obvious. A cottage, cabin, condo or trailer a short drive from your home can provide a quick weekend recharge. A property down south can serve as a regular vacation destination or extended winter stay for a snowbird. There are many emotion-driven reasons for buying a vacation property, or not. I like to evaluate a property pu...Read More

By: James Hand

Tax Deductions & Credits for Canadian Homeowners

Tags: home owner tax deductions, Canadian tax deductions, can I write off my home expenses in Ontario

                                                              Owning a home in Canada can be very expensive and very rewarding at the same time.  As a homeowner, there are some Federal and Provincial tax deductions and tax credits which, d...Read More

By: James Hand

The 'Hidden' Costs of Buying a Home

Tags: costs of buying a home in Ontario, Costs associated with buying a house, what costs are part of buying a home in Ontario

  The purchase price of your home is only one of the costs you’ll encounter. Here are other possible costs you need to consider:   Appraisal – $250 – $350 This is the fee for determining the property’s lending value for mortgage purposes. This value may or may not be the same as the purchase price of the home.   Home Inspection Fees – $2...Read More

By: James Hand

The markets are up? Why and what does it all mean?

Tags: Stock markets Canada

While we all continue to hunker down and do what is right by practicing social distancing, even missing our family get togethers this past Easter weekend and while many of us are also wondering what is going to happen to our personal finances as well as the economy as a whole, something is happening that could confuse many of us. The stock market is on the rise. While stocks are still down by...Read More

By: James Hand

COVID-19: Is It About To Cause A Housing Crash?

Tags: coronavirus housing prices

    We're all obviously well aware of the COVID-19 coronavirus and how it's impacting so many peoples health, the worlds economy and adding so much uncertainty to our everyday lives. It's an outbreak being felt across the world and in so many ways. I hope everyone is taking the proper precautions and that everyone stays healthy and safe during this time and if there is anyt...Read More