By: James Hand

Curb Appeal Ideas For Selling Your Home

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So you’re in need of some curb appeal ideas. You’ve decided that it’s in the cards to make a move and “oh no” you’ve already found the house you’d like to call home next. But you need to get your home sold…..and fast if that next home is even a possibility. It’s not a guarantee but using some great curb appeal ideas can help sell your home much quicker and often for more money. 


The impression your house creates when someone first sees it is not a thing to be taken lightly. Even if your home has everything going for it on the inside, a negative first impression can linger with a potential buyer creating some doubt whether they truly want to consider your house as a possibility for them or not. We’ve put together 10 of the top curb appeal ideas to impress buyers and help you get moving.


1.   Front Door Personality


Whether it’s simply a DIY colour change or a full out swap of the door, the entrance to your home speaks very loudly as to its overall charm.  A new door can be a bit costly, as much as a few thousand dollars but some elbow grease and the right paint can change the entire look. Spending a few dollars on new hardware is well worth the investment too. The difference between simply painting a door and painting a door plus adding a new and updated looking handle and lock set is night and day.

2.   Lighting


Often potential buyers will drive by your home at night to check out the neighbourhood and to see the house when it’s quiet. The potential is there as we also know if you’re selling in the late fall, winter or early spring that they could be viewing your home with a realtor when it’s dark….4:30 sunsets are for the birds by the way. An elegantly lit home makes it seem more inviting, luxurious and warmer in the colder months. Properly places landscaping spotlights that can be purchased at any home improvement store will score big points plus adding modern style lamps add a rustic or elegant charm.

3.   Add a Doormat


Yes even this few dollar addition can make a big difference. A clean and welcoming mat will not change the world when it comes to the overall curb appeal it is a subtle difference that combined with the other curb appeal ideas will make a lasting albeit unconscious impression.

4.   Paint, Paint and more Paint 


And maybe some stain. Paint is one of the least expensive but best curb appeal ideas. By not only painting the front door but painting the door and window trim, facia and soffit plus staining or painting the front porch or entryway as well as the shutters (if you have them) you’ll give your house a clean and updated look. Don’t forget to tape off all of the areas that you don’t want to get paint on and prepare your surfaces. Spend a good amount of time looking into what colours will compliment each other and tie together an overall theme. The preparation is the key as the actual painting won’t be too difficult. 

5.   Get Out The Clippers


Trimming the shrubs, bushes, trees, hedges etcetera may not be the most glamorous thing to do but it is a must to keep everything fresh and well kept. Keeping the foliage away from the windows will also let in more natural light, which is always appealing to buyers.

6.   Keep the Grass Cut and Weeded


You would think this is a no brainer of a curb appeal idea but it is often one that is overlooked. Make sure you pull any of the big unsightly weeds that grow like they’re on steroids and keep the grass cut. Keeping the length of the grass between 2-3 inches is typically optimal for most types. The bonus to that is that your lawn will stay more lush because the roots are protected and weeds will have a more difficult time taking over. Don’t forget to take care of the edges and cleanup. You could cut your grass on an angular pattern for some extra pizzazz. Cut your lawn about 2-3 times per week if there’s enough rain and less if it’s dry. Make sure to water your lawn a good amount if it’s a dry summer.

7.    Replace Your Old Mailbox and The House Numbers


Getting some updated and clean accessories will enhance your overall presentation. The house numbers are especially important as potential buyers will be specifically looking at them to find the address. 

8.    Potted Plants


Another great curb appeal idea is to purchase urns and potted plants and tress. It’s an amazing way to add life to an entryway, porch or steps. The added bonus is you can take them with you when you move.

9.    Rent a PressureWasher or Hire Professionals


Getting the years of grit off of your front patio, walkway, driveway and your homes exterior can make it all look years younger. Quick tip, get everything cleaned before you start to paint the trim, facia and soffit etcetera.

10.    Create a Seating Area 


On your front steps or porch put some small patio chairs or cafe set. The appearance that you enjoy sitting out front of your house makes both your home and the neighbourhood seem very inviting.


All of these curb appeal ideas aren’t overly costly, besides you having to put in a little time and some sweat equity most shouldn't break the bank. We always recommend using some of these ideas if not all when you’re selling your home. Remember great curb appeal ideas will always give you an advantage over another house that your potential buyers are looking at. If you have any questions please reach out, we’re always here to help.