By: James Hand

New Favourites That Opened In 2019

Tags: Hamilton restaurants

It’s hard to keep up with Hamilton’s food scene but it's also really enjoyable :) The list of new local restaurants, bars, and must try destinations continues to grow, with enough delicious options and quality to make anyone’s head spin. In fact, it’s tough to walk down any main Hamilton street nowadays without passing by at least one hot spot that plays a role in putting Hamilton’s culinary identity on the map.

With so many newly-opened food spots in 2019, here’s our list of some great options that opened in and around Hamilton in 2019.

Uncle Ray's Food & Liquor

Being extremely new after opening its doors in December, Uncle Ray’s Food & Liquor has set its sights on being Hamilton’s high-end alternative for Southern-style soul food.

With a sizeable space near the corner of King and James, Uncle Ray’s is offering their new and delicious take on fried chicken, shrimp & grits, collard greens, and succotash to bring the city a massive menu of sophisticated Southern comforts. Pair those delicious delights with some pretty cool cocktails and nostalgic beer options, and Uncle Ray’s is already a heavy hitter for your local soul food fix.

Industria Pizzeria & Bar

Inventive pizzas and other Italian indulgences await at this multi-location Quebec favourite and recent Hamilton import.

Recently taking over the massive space previously occupied for years by the old Tailgate Charlie’s on John Street South, Industria has added itself to Hamilton’s already-thriving Italian food scene. Shareable pizzas and plates fill an extensive menu, with their take on classic Italian dishes like the must try gnocchi poutine, Big Mac pizza, spinach & goat cheese arancini and so many of their amazing pasta dishes.

Bon Temps

Hamilton has no shortage of true fine dining experiences, many existing local establishments are firmly rooted in old-school traditions and aesthetics. Bon Temps is a decidedly more modern offering, taking up the cozy John South quarters previously occupied by nose-to-tail restaurant Rapscallion Rogue Eatery.

This high-end, intimate bistro puts emphasis on French cuisine in its rotating menu, which includes decadent family-style shareable offerings like charcuterie, oysters, seafood, and premium cuts of meat prepared with seasonal ingredients. They also have handcrafted cocktails or an expertly-curated wine selection, and I can assure you that you can expect the very definition of ‘good times’ at Bon Temps.

Electric Diner

The 'Electric Diner' has 1980s nostalgia and their own spin on diner dishes nailed down.

Decorated with a vintage aesthetic of bright pastel pinks and blues and neon, Electric Diner looks and feels like Don Johnson circa 1984 decided to open a restaurant in Hamilton’s Hess Village.

The menu options, from all-day breakfast to lunch to dinner, pay homage to traditional diner favourites while peppering in some delicious contemporary twists. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill diner grub and is a definite must try.

Osten Beerhall

Beer lovers have a new paradise in central east Hamilton right in the Crown Point neighbourhood, with the recent opening of Osten Beerhall.

The new next-door neighbour of Shorty’s Pizza, Osten Beerhall features an open kitchen that cooks up awesome Euro-style fare for lunch, brunch, and dinner, from smoked fish plates to pierogies to burgers to brisket.

But of course, the main draw here is the beer list, and Osten has one not easily topped. On top of a heavyweight line of Ontario craft beer options, Osten has also got a sturdy selection of European imports on draught for that extra touch of authenticity.

Opa Express-Greek Street Food

Although not within Hamilton's borders it is definitely needs to be mentioned and is for sure worth the drive. Located in Grimsby this family owned Greek eatery is a must try. From delicious classics like Souvlaki, Pitas or Salad to inspired twists like my favourite Gyro Grilled Cheese you can't go wrong with this hidden gem.

The super friendly owners also offer up fresh soup and dinners like Lemon Dill Atlantic Salmon. If you're not feeling it in the kitchen, try their family meal which easily feeds four with enough leftovers for a snack the next day.