By: James Hand

The Best Hamilton Restaurants

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The new meets the old when it comes to the best Hamilton restaurants in a city that is becoming an emerging culinary powehouse.  The classic favourites have blended with the new renaissance of culinary flair. Regardless of where you choose to dine the tatsebuds are in for a treat whether you're going to a neighbourhood staple or the newest kid on the block.  Many publications have touted the city’s draw when it comes to its culinary prowess or just good old fashioned eats. Picking the best Hamilton restaurants is not an easy task and honestly is up for much debate. What I believe can be agreed upon though, is that it's an incredibly easy task to at least attempt to choose them. 

Here are the most common categories people inquired about when looking for the best Hamilton restaurants and some of the contenders for the top spots.

Hamiltons Best Seafood

Best Burgers

Best Steakhouse in Hamilton

I Scream You Scream/ Ice cream


Best Sushi in Hamilton

Best Sandwiches in Hamilton

Best Pizza in Hamilton

Best Italian 

Best Breakfast in Hamilton

Best Fish and Chips in Hamilton

Rating the Best Hamilton Restaurants has probably been the best for great times but the worst for my belt size. These are only a sampling of the restaurants in each category. Click the links to see more details and leave a comment to give your own opinions and recommendations.  I don't think we could pick the best Hamilton restaurants specifically but all of our ratings will help the cream rise to the top.